The Blog From Atlanta II

Since joining Microsoft 2 years ago I haven't had the fortune of attending a Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer presentation (in the real-world at least). That changed for me on Thursday at MGB...and I was not disappointed.

BillG did a great job describing how he sees the software industry developing over the next few years and the opportunity Microsoft has to lead the way. He showed off some of the R&D work being done at Microsoft Research (mind-blowing stuff) and certainly gave me the sense that we have some really amazing times ahead for Microsoft and our customers. I loved it.

To wrap up day 1, SteveB gave us fantastic show living up to his MGB reputation. It was brilliant, very inpirational.

Yesterday I attended a great session reviewing the developer community work we've been doing in the last year (there was quite a bit about Imagine Cup). There is so much good work we're doing in this developer space...there is plenty more to come.

Finished the day off at a dinner meeting with some smart folks from the this space...