The Third Eye of UI Design

A new blog by the CTO of Eyetools.

A couple of interesting posts there already, this one describing the dynamics of UI design.

Old Page Design

New Page Design



Eyetools Heatmaps™ showing group viewing trends on each web page (Eyetools Heatmap Legend)

"The behavior on these two identical navs on two different pages was strikingly (and statistically significantly) different: the nav on the new page was clicked by 64% of our test participants as opposed to only 14% on the old website. People looked at the new site's right nav longer, more often, and read more — despite there being no change to the design of the right navigation bar at all.

The moral of the story: A change on one part of the page can impact other, unrelated elements on the page. The right navigation bar was used completely differently on the new re-designed website because the content to the left of it changed."

Via Steve Rubel