Welcome visitors

This last rainy week in Redmond has been sunnied by a bunch of welcome visitors. Some were were old friends and others became friends newly made.

There was a Mini Geek Dinner last night. In attendance were out-of-towners Frank La Vigne, Paul Mooney and Christiana from Stuttgart plus fellow softies Korby Parnell, and Philip Richardson. We ended up at Matts' Rotisserie & Oyster Lounge in Redmond Town Center and had the wine room all to ourselves as all the other tables were booked. I think the other restaurant diners must have thought we were very, very important...No deep-dive post-dinner meal analysis from Redmond's food and wine connoisseur Philip as yet, but this will come, as sure as it'll rain in Seattle this week.

Earlier this week I was visited by a former Microsoft UK colleague, Dan Cohen.  We used to work in the online marketing team together in Reading. He's now Consumer Marketing Manager for Windows Mobile at Microsoft, or something spiffy like that, so he gets his mitts on all the latest cool gadgets. I asked him to pose in a Cheesy fashion for some pics and show off his latest slick wi-fi mobile device. He obliged, willingly.


Another welcome visit came from Craig Walmsley, an British ex-pat living in San Francisco working for the brilliant interactive agency AKQA as their director of strategy. Craig gets to work on some cool accounts and projects, including Xbox. He had some interesting ideas around Attention frameworks which we braintsormed about over breakfast in Building 35 cafe...all good fun.