Why RSS matters in the marketing world

After spending over 5 months researching the subject of RSS marketing, Rok Hrastnik has finally released his new e-book, 'Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS'.

Why RSS Matters in the Marketing World

The reason this guide matters and will be a milestone document is that RSS will become a critical tool for marketers, yet today most marketers still 'don't get' RSS. This guide exactly what is needed to close this knowledge gap

Marketers need to understand that consumers who want a relationship with a company or site will increasingly subscribe to RSS instead of Email. Given that RSS feeds are becoming easier to subscribe to, and that more and more online services are becoming RSS-enabled, this trend will inevitably force marketers to understand and leverage the potential of RSS as a CRM tool. RSS has profound implications for several marketing-related industries:

  • marketing communications (marketing & CRM don't think it is an overstatement to say that this work is a real milestone in online marketing literature.
  • sales & marketing software vendors (eCRM, email marketing, ad serving, CMS)
  • publishers and media owners

Achilles Heel of RSS Marketing

Metrics and measurement is the Achilles heel of RSS marketing today.  Although the guide goes into great depth on this issue and has useful advice on this topic, it is written in a context where no one can agree on the RSS metrics standards that will make sense to the average media buyer or performance-driven marketer. Hopefully the IAB will have the opportunity to read this e-book and jolt them into action.

The Marketing Industry Perspective

'Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS' includes 33 interviews with people such as Robin Good, Dana VanDen, Bill Flitter (Pheedo), Alex Williams (now at Corante), Heiko Hebig (Six Apart), yours truly and plenty more who have been writing on the subject of RSS marketing over the last year or so.

Robin has turned the tables and interviewed the author of the e-book, Rok Hrastnik. (MP3 4.2 MB, WMA 2.9 MB).

The e-book costs $39.95. I've already bought my copy.

I'll be updating this post with any reviews I come across.