Why Sybari?

News is out that Microsoft is to acquire Sybari Software Inc.

But why Sybari?

Microsoft's CIO, Ron Markezich, explains why and how Sybari has been protecting Microsoft's own infrastructure in a interview with the MS press team.

"About a year ago we conducted a major analysis of leading gateway antivirus products. We set up a controlled lab environment that fully matched the Microsoft production environment in number of servers, simulated traffic and so on. We tested on the basis of both performance and functionality. Could a product maintain its virus-catching performance even under the most stressful loads? Could it perform under unexpected conditions, such as when a computer reboots because of maintenance updates? Did the solution support all the messaging encoding it was likely to encounter? Did it integrate natively with Exchange Server, eliminating the need for dedicated virus scanning computers?

...Sybari was far and away above anything else we looked at. We went into production with Sybari on our communication and collaboration environment in May 2004 and it immediately became an integral part of our messaging hygiene defense. We have better protection at lower cost than we had before."

The full article is available on the Microsoft Press Pass site.