You say Canonicalization, I say C14N

Thought I'd share this with you...

"In information technology, canonicalization (pronounced KA-nahn-nihk-uhl-ih-ZAY-shun and sometimes spelled canonicalisation) is the process of making something canonical -- that is, in conformance with some specification. To canonicalize (as well as the slightly less tortured variant canonify) is to ensure that data conforms to canonical rules, and is in an approved format. Canonicalization may sometimes mean generating canonical data from noncanonical data. "

... Because canonicalization is such a long word, and lacking any readily apparent abbreviation, it is sometimes expressed as C14N, in which 14 represents the number of letters between the C and the N. "

Which wins in the buzzword bingo stakes? More points to effortlessly chirp the tounge tongue (thanks Eric ;-) twisting 'Canonicalization' or to quip the shorthand, 'C14N'?