C# 4.0 language features at Seattle Code Camp

I just came back from Seattle Code Camp where I gave a talk on C# 4.0. Seattle Code Camp is a community organized event where people meet and talk about code.

My presentation was about the new language features we are introducing in C# 4.0. I talked about C# dynamic, named and optional parameters and COM interop. People were very interested about what you can do with the dynamic feature (i.e. call into Pyhon) and very happy about the COM interop support we are adding (i.e. named and optional). I really enjoeyd talking to fellow coders, eating pizza and just beeing there. I will most likely come back next year!

But wait! - The camp is not over yet!!

If my talk made you think about dynamic languages, Sunday is a great time to learn more. There are some interesting talks about dynamic languages in the Van Gogh room the entire day.

And, if you like LINQ and want to learn more about it you should go see the talk that my colleague Marcelo is giving from 1:15 in the Al-Khwarismi room.

[Edit] Added the slides for the presentation to this post

C# 4.0 language features.pptx