Convert files to XAML, win a Dell XPS laptop

Michael Swanson posted the contest today:

If you create and submit a file converter to XAML, you can win one of three Dell XPS M1710 laptops.

Here's the catch: It must be one of the following file formats, and you must submit your entry by October 29th.

Valid 2D input formats are: Adobe® Flash® (.SWF), Adobe Photoshop® (.PSD), or Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG).

Valid 3D input formats are: Autodesk® 3ds Max® (.3DS, .MAX), Autodesk AutoCAD® (.DXF), Microsoft DirectX® (.X), Autodesk/Alias® Wavefront® (.OBJ).

Your converter has to support at least one of the above file formats, chosen by the WPF developer community as the most popular input formats.

The file converter can be a standalone app or a plug-in, GUI or command line, and it must be freely available (source code is NOT required).

For more details, go to the Contest page on