.NET Rocks all over TechEd: Developers/Barcelona (and how to win a ticket)

I hope to see many of you at Tech·Ed: Developers Europe Nov 7-10 in Barcelona, Spain. I am one of the people responsible for the content there, taking care of "Windows Desktop and Mobile Development" sessions to be more exact. We'll cover an exciting mix of WPF(formerly Avalon), WinForms, Mobility features (such as tablet, ink and WPF), Windows Mobile and more!

The good News: Mr. .NET Rocks Carl Franklin will be there talking about RSS and also covering how to write efficient, multithreaded WinForms applications, utilizing all those multi-core CPU goodness. .NET Rocks will also do a Live show with a prominent guest (stay tuned for more) Don't miss it!

Oh yes, the Ticket: .NET Rocks will give away one complete Tech·Ed: Developers package (flight, hotel, Tech·Ed tickets). Look here for the contest, it can't miss it.