Interesting reads

Over the weekend in between run throughs that I did prepping for a webcast, I did some catch-up blog reading.

Lots of interesting stuff.

Recording and sharing here for posterity:

Entity Framework

  1. Simon Segal has a interesting post on Entity Framework Repository testing. I found this particularly timely because of my upcoming TechEd talk about integrating MVC, EF and Repository Patterns.
  2. Shawn Wildermuth talks about TPH detection in the new EdmGen2 which was recently announced and released on Code Gallery by James Terwilliger.


  1. There has been a back and forth debate about use of the repository pattern going on between Greg Young and Ayende Rahien. Mind expanding stuff.
  2. Singletons vs Static Classes is an interesting post by Lee Dumond contrasting two common techniques for global functions in .NET.
  3. What’s the difference between a Message and an Event by Dru Sellers is short and sweet.
  4. Scott Gu’s Nerd Dinner ASP.NET MVC tutorial is an brilliant place to learn more about ASP.NET MVC.
  5. Joe Duffy’s rant on automatic parallelism is well worth a read.

Random Stuff

  1. Your brain is really forgetting a lot by Brett McLaughlin is a fascinating read. Covering the idea that every time you recall something from your memory you essentially delete the old memory and insert another ‘modified’ version of the memory. This idea has ‘surface validity’ for me. It definitely explains some strange phenomena, like the way the elderly fondly recall things they didn’t originally enjoy, like say School!
  2. How much is watching TV costing you? A pretty telling call to action.
  3. Call your readers to ACTION by Darren Rowse looks like great advice for anyone looking to improve their blog / writing.