2012 US Imagine Cup People’s Choice Voting


The voting is now open for the US Imagine Cup People’s Choice award. You can visit the web site on Facebook and view profiles of the 22 teams who are attending the US Finals and select your favorite. All the teams are great and or course made their way through a rigorous selection process. We had more teams than ever apply this year and the overall quality of teams just gets better and better.

While 21 of the 22 teams are made up of college/university students one of the teams, Digital Infinity, is made up of four high school students from Springbrook High School. I am told that two of the students attended the US Imagine Cup finals two years ago as observers when they were freshmen. Since one has to be 16 to enter they have been chomping at the bit to enter themselves. I’m really excited that they made it this far and I am honestly excited that I will be meeting them (and the other teams) later this month in Redmond. I’d love to see them win. Not that I am biased towards high school teams or anything. Smile

The winning team in the People’s Choice voting also gets to go to Australia for the world wide Imagine Cup finals. There are also prizes for voting as well! Each week a voter will be randomly selected for win a cool price. So vote early and often. Well one vote a day. Full rules at the site.