Interesting Links 16 April 2012

Later this week I head out to Redmond Washington to take part in the US finals of the Imagine Cup. We have 22 teams coming out there for the event. Twenty one of these teams are from colleges and universities but one of them is from Springbrook high school. This high school team has been getting some media attention which I think is great. (Springbrook Students’ Game Design Ranks in National Tech Contest ) I can’t wait to meet these kids in person. In the mean time I am voting for them in the Imagine Cup People’s choice voting – the team name is Digital Infinity. You can vote every day by the way.

So what else is new?

Mark Guzdial had an interesting post How to Teach Computing across the Curriculum: Why not Logo? I need to think about this some more. I’ve been having fun with Turtle graphics which were an important part of Logo but using Small Basic. I’m not sure that is the same thing at all but it has made me want to look into Logo. I used Logo many years ago but honestly at the time I knew very little about either Logo or teaching comptuer science. So I’m open to some experimentation.

Late last week I wrote that the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology has opened nominations for the A. Richard Newton Educator Award to recognize educators who engage in new, innovative and successful practices and programs to attract more women and girls into STEM fields. (Recognizing Teachers Who Recruit Women and Girls into STEM ) I’ve been asked to help promote this program (and be a judge) and I am happy to do both.

Have you looked into the Microsoft Global Forum? Please tell us your innovative teaching story to win a trip to the Microsoft Global Forum in Greece. This is a great opportunity to show the innovative things you are doing and learn from others.

Game designers who missed out on the Imagine Cup or who didn’t move on to the next round? You have another opportunity to show off what am amazing game designer and developer you our. Check out my reminder.