Interesting Links Post 9 April 2012

I need a favor. A small favor. I need people to click this link and go vote for the Imagine Cup People’s Choice awards. Yes I am trying to get more people to use my link to get to the voting site so I can win a prize. Evil I know. BUT what I’d also like you to do is seriously think about voting for Digital Infinity, one of the teams in the game design category. They are leading in their category as I write this but I really want to see them scoring more than the top team in the other category as well. Why? Well this is a group of very hard working students who are competing against university students and holding their own. if they get the top vote count among all teams they get to go to Australia for the world wide Imagine Cup finals. Now wouldn’t that be great? Seriously. SO go vote now. Oh and you can also Text "Digital" to 45444 or tweet “@mstechstudent I am voting for #Digital in #ICPeoplesChoice. Rules: ” in order to vote. People who vote can also win prizes so something for everyone.

I’ll be here when you get back to see the rest of my links. Thanks.

I’m writing this post on my Windows 8 machine and am amazed at how fast and stable it is. Also looking at developing apps for it and my friend Edwin Guarin posted this list of Windows 8 Developer Camps that are coming up. Going to have to make it to one of them myself.

The Computer Science Teachers association posted some interesting news this week. For one thing the CSTA 2012 Board of Directors Election is Underway! For another, the latest edition of the CSTA Voice! with a focus on Professional Development is now available.

US Students ages 18 and up have an opportunity to get a free Windows Phone. All you have to do is publish two windows phone apps and get a free phone. Something for the college students and some high school students to go for.

Mark Guzdial @ guzdial posted a wrap up of Weekend newspaper coverage on computing for all, especially kids.

Speaking of news, the New York Times seems to have discovered computer science education with two recent articles.