Top 10 Girl Geeks?

OK this list is a little controversial and rightly so. Including Lisa Simpson and Paris Hilton on a list that includes such people as Grace Hopper (my personal hero) and Marie Curie (two time winner of the Nobel Prize) is really insulting. Oh sure Lisa is a geek but she is a cartoon character. Some might suggest that Paris Hilton is as well. There are clearly other more worthy candidates for this list.

The media loves to add characters from popular culture to attract attention to what they are doing. That's a large part of why some people are finding the media to be less than reliable.

I think the list is a good place to begin a conversation though. Who are the impressive female scientists and thought leaders in technology? Who else belongs on that list? I imagine that there are a lot of much better candidates people can suggest. Who do your students know about?

BTW Microsoft's Channel 9 has a series called WM_IN (Women in Technology) that highlights talented women at Microsoft. I highly recommend it.

[Thanks to a link from Jeff Sandquist]


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