Use Your Wii Controller To Fly Through Virtual Earth

Now I love Virtual Earth and I especially enjoy using my Xbox 360 controller to fly around, zoom in and out and otherwise travel though the three dimensional maps. Its all so much better than using the mouse or arrow keys. Virtual Earth supports the Xbox 360 controller "out of the box" which is great for me. But of course this being the 21st century there are people who want to use all the interesting toys together. Enter this interesting demo by Brian Peek.

The idea here is to use the Wii controller (WiiMote) to navigate around the virtual world. The interface it uses is not fully supported but based on the demo it seems to work just fine. There is sample code in both C# and Visual Basic as well. There are links to related information there in case you want to learn more. Interesting little project I think.

Oh and if you have a wired Xbox 360 controller plug it in to your computer and try it out with Windows Live Earth.