Interesting Post regarding IE and Microsoft AntiSpyware

Just read this article :

This is a hoax ofcourse not true (BBlog is a site that provides humor via interesting concoctions). There is (obviously) no truth to this .. IE does NOT get detected as Spyware by Microsoft AntiSpyware software and it will not be removed. The funniest comment in the post was :

"It shows how powerful our AntiSpyware program is," said Weatherbee. "Not only is it able to remove spyware from the system, but also the source of most spyware. Our competitors can't match that."

Do not get deceived by this, but it is quite amusing :) The AntiSpyware is in beta and does have issues, but this certainly is NOT one of them.

Just updated my POST to give an accurate description of the story. It is intended to be funny, not an actual news report !