Developers: do you have the App-Factor? Take that great app idea and learn, compete, and win with your Windows Store app at an event near you or online

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Have app ideas? Have software development skills? If so, that’s all you need to learn, compete and win with Windows Store app development! 10 Cities, 100’s of developers and 1000’s of great ideas. Take your skills and ideas into a new economy and register for the Windows 8 App-Factor series:

Join us at App-Factor Learn! , a fun day of “training and auditions”:

· Learn what you need to know from app idea to submission.

· Form a team where you can use your skills and compete to win.

· Create an application from scratch or use a beautiful sample to get started.

· Free consulting from the local evangelist team (in person or online). 

Once you discover your app potential, your team can hack for a couple of weeks and participate in App-Factor Compete! (part 2 of the series). App-Factor Complete! will provide you with an opportunity to show off your app and hard work and potentially win (not offered in all cities). If you don’t have time to attend in person, no big deal, just submit your work of art online to be *eligible to win fabulous prizes.

Watch and see which developers truly have the App-Factor, register today! #w8appfactor

*More information to be provided on rules and eligibility for online or in-person submission at the first event ‘App-Factor Learn!’ in your city.