Free Azure 1-Day Bootcamps in the West Region--Register now!

We are excited to kick off a series of Azure Bootcamps in the West Region. Join us for this 1-day Azure Bootcamp, an immersive experience which will help you explore and learn about how to leverage the Windows Azure platform and get started with the tools and architecture available. Register now, as space is limited!




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Salt Lake City, UT

June 21, 2011

Craig Bernston


San Francisco, CA

May 31, 2011

Neil MacKenzie


Mountain View, CA

June 3, 2011

Neil MacKenzie


Los Angeles, CA

June 2, 2011

David Pallman


San Diego, CA

June 7, 2011

David Pallman


Irvine, CA

June 6, 2011

David Pallman


Bellevue, WA

June 14, 2011

Shaun McAvery


Portland, OR

June 16, 2011

Shaun McAvery




· Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure

· Basic Roles

· Hello Windows Azure VS2010 [LAB]

· Advanced Roles

· SQL Azure

· Intro to SQL Azure [LAB]

· Diagnostics and Service Management

· Windows Azure Deployment VS2010 [LAB]

· Lunch

· Storage Basics

· Using Azure Tables

· Using BLOB Storage

· Queues

· Exploring Windows Azure Storage [LAB]

· Introduction to Windows Azure AppFabric

· Introduction to AppFabric ACS V2 [LAB]

· Cloud Computing Patterns & Scenarios

What do I need to bring?

During the boot camp you will have opportunities to practice what you learn with labs. Having all of your software ready will make it easier to dive into the yummy goodness of exploring the labs. The lab package will be given to you during the event. This will need to be installed. If you want to have everything loaded into a virtual PC that would be even better.

Don't worry if you can't get everything installed; we will have all of the bits with us at the boot camp and can help you get everything installed.

In order to run these labs you will need to bring: