Joomla! Day Los Angeles 2011


The last Joomla! Day of 2011 took place on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at the Microsoft LA Office.  Approximately 30 enthusiastic designers and developers from all over California attended a successful Joomla! Day Los Angeles, organized by Jonathan Lackey, Microsoft (who provided lunch and the venue), and other members of the Joomla! community after learning of the event through the Joomla! community network and through meetups I was able to post on

Ryan Ozimek, President of Open Source Matters, kicked off the event by sharing how he got involved in the open-source community, where Joomla! fits into the open-source picture, and how everyone can get involved.  Duke Speer presented on creating some cool custom templates, and James Foreman gave compelling reasons to use JomSocial and gave away five free JomSocial in a raffle.


I delivered a presentation on building a Joomla! site on WebMatrix, a free tool from Microsoft that makes it easy to create, customize, and publish your website.  Sam Moffatt, a Mac user who’s been active in the Joomla! community since the first Joomla! Day in 2007, delivered a presentation on keeping Joomla! up-to-date and decided to do his demos in WebMatrix and on the Windows Phone Emulator for the first time using my computer.  I felt that this collaboration was a compelling demonstration that showed how Microsoft makes it easy to build your open-source site.  Thanks Sam!

To be posted here as soon as I get the content: slides from all the presenters, video of my demo, and video of Sam using WebMatrix and the Windows Phone Emulator.

Scott Kerfoot, Senior Director at Microsoft, giving a well-received quick demo of SuperPreview, a tool for side-by-side browser comparison.

The day ended with Jonathan Lackey discussing how to run a Joomla! centric business followed by a passionate conversation between all of the attendees on how to strengthen the Joomla! community in SoCal by potentially meeting more often on weekends and becoming more active on


My presentation slides:

Joomla! Day Los Angeles 2011 WebMatrix

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