Project Management page views

I've commented several times that page views for project management content are way up in Dev 10. I decided to look at that a little more closely. I looked at the page views for project management as a percentage of all of VSTS (or VS ALM). For comparison, I also looked at the page views for the rest of Team Foundation. The chart below shows that project management topics, which have traditionally received 3% of the page views in this set of content, is now getting 18% of the page views, and is now receiving as many page views as all other content for Team Foundation.

I've wondered whether the newness of the content contributes to that. It may, to some extent. However, all areas of VS ALM have significant sections of new content, so it's hard to attribute the change to newness. When I look at where the high page views are occurring, they are mainly in the handful of topics in the agile process guidance: MSF for Agile Software Development v5.0. This is content that we didn't have in the help system for VS 2005 & VS 2008. Instead, we had very generic topics about things like assigning work items. When we decided that, in Dev 10, we would focus on what the user does rather than what the product does, we started to see that we needed to write about user stories and tasks and product backlogs instead of "work items". In VS 2005 & VS 2008, though, these subjects were handled outside the help system in a process guidance implementation that was completely disconnected from help. In Dev 10, we brought the agile process guidance into the help system and completely reworked it with the help of several agile experts. Although these topics are only a small portion of all of our topics on project management, they are the most viewed topics and contribute more than any other section to the growth of project management content page views. I believe that these page view numbers are strong evidence that this change is doing what we had hoped - making the project management content more relevant to those of you using VS ALM to manage your projects.