Aloha Oahu

In late January I boarded a plane with my family and one-way ticket to Seattle.

Yes, the family and I are moving back to Seattle.  We spent almost 2 years in Honolulu and loved almost every minute of it.  Great experiences, nice weather, fabulous beaches, snorkeling.  I even learned to surf.  Ok, well, I took a lesson in Waikiki.

But alas, it was time for wife and children to get back to some friends we haven't seen in a long time.  Life in paradise has a price and finding a place where the dollar stretched further was high on our list to accomplish.

I miss myHawaii friends, but am happy to be facing a new chapter in life.  Did I mention that it snowed in Seattle yesterday?  I miss the good Hawaii weather a little too.

As for work...

The Progression team is hard at work stabilizing the Rosario release for Beta 1.  We can't wait to get feedback on this really cool release of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team System.

Stay tuned for more on Beta1 soon....