aspNetMime Rocks!

I've been using Advanced Intelllect's aspNetMime product and this thing is very cool. We use the component in our moderation tool at the ASPAlliance Lists. I can't imagine writing all the code to decode Quoted Printable, 7bit, 8bit, etc. encoding so kudos to you Dave!

Sometimes I hate Visual Studio .NET! Why does it randomly stop responding when I leave it to use other applications? Do you have similar experiences you'd like to share? I have a direct channel to the Visual Studio .NET team (the same goes for ASP.NET) and I would be glad to communicate any problems or suggestions you have. Just hit the comments link on this post and send the comments my way!

Some of these videos are really stupid but I LOVE a couple of them - Apple Gamer video is my favorite. So, if you are bored or stuck on some problem with the latest .NET application you are building, then I suggest you check one or more of them out!

I like this blogging thing so you can expect more from me! =)