Do you miss

For those of you who didn't have a subscription to the site, I wrote a monthly column on ASPToday that focused on various software development issues. Shortly after Wrox went into liquidation and was "turned off", I had a handful of people send me email directly to voice their concern about

Now that ASPToday has been gone for a while, I'm curious to know if people miss it? Did you find it particularly useful? I found it quite useful but would not have subcribed under the current cost model. I did read most of the articles though and after a few months of using the site I began to turn to it as a regular source of information.

APress has purchased the rights to the domain name and I suppose it's not too far fetched to think that they may revive the site. Do you think that is a wise move? Can a subscription site like ASPToday compete with the likes of,,,, etc.? What features would make you pay money for ASPToday when there are plenty of free alternatives? Do those other sites stack up to ASPToday?

Speak your mind.....