Do you miss 'Edit-and-Continue'?

I do. I loved the 'Edit-and-Continue' feature in Visual Basic 6.0. My C fill in the blank friends tell me that's because I write buggy code but I don't really care. I know one thing - I used it and I liked it. I'm glad that Microsoft plans to add this featureĀ for ALL languages in the next major release of the .NET Framework.

If you are not familiar with 'Edit-and-Continue' then you don't even know what you are missing. 'Edit-and-Continue' allows a developer to launch their application in debug mode, encounter an error (or breakpoint, etc.), edit the offending code, and continue executing the application (in most cases). Very nifty for people who write code with the occasional error.

Do you miss 'Edit-and-Continue'? Is it a waste of Microsoft's time to add back into the IDE/language/framework?