Is worth the cost?

I remember when content was free. Here are the current prices for an subscription (found on

All AspToday content (ASP.NET and Classic ASP)
12 months - $99 US
6 months - $60 US
3 months - $40 US
1 month - $15 US

Classic ASP conent
12 months - $49 US
3 months - $20 US

All AspToday and C# Today conent
12 months - $150 US
3 months - $50 US

I believe that the content at AspToday is worth the cost (detailed above) for the following reasons:

  1. I am guaranteed a new article every day (5 days a week)
  2. I know the article will be edited
  3. Most articles are pertinent to my daily work
  4. The site is now easy to use (notice recent overhauls)
  5. Wrox is interested in what I want to read (notice poll on site and willingness to dabble with "different" content types)

So, you know how I feel. What do you think? Is the AspToday content better than the free content at,, TripleAsp.NET,, etc.? Let others know if you have tried AspToday and whether or not you think its worth the price by leaving a comment (link below)?