Beautiful Stockholm!

I just got back from a week's trip to Stockholm, Sweden. This was my first trip to the city, and I really enjoyed my time there. Here’s a nice photograph of Stockholm Central that I took from my hotel.


I was there attending Eurostar 2009, meeting with my colleagues in Europe, and spending a lot of time talking to customers and partners about the Visual Studio 2010 Test Products. It was very gratifying to see how much the people loved the tools. Not only did the testing professionals love the tools, I found that the developers too were greatly inspired by the tools – it is fun to watch them get excited and animated when they realize what breaking down the walls between developers and testers will mean to them :-)

What else can I share with you? Oh – here’s a link to a podcast interview of me recorded by the Microsoft Sweden team. If you follow the Swedish language, you can listen to the entire podcast – it has a review of TechEd Berlin, and an interview with Ron Jacobs on the Windows AppFabric server, followed by the conversation with me. If you, however, just want to listen to the part where I talk about the Visual Studio Test Products (in English, of course) you can seek to about 21:30 minutes into the podcast (if you have trouble seeking with the embedded player, you can double click to bring up – say Media Player – and seek there).

The testing industry and community is very vibrant in Sweden – I’d love to get back there again!