Official Names for the 2010 Test Products now announced!

This is an exciting day for me and my team. We have just announced the official names for the 2010 Test Products that I have been talking about in this blog. You can see the announcement here by Jason Zander.

Let me elaborate on the announcement in the context of the component block diagram that I have shared with you earlier and am including here again for reference with a color coding to help you understand the product offerings.


All of the functionality above will be released as the following three products, which sum up a great line of offerings:

Visual Studio® Team Test 2010 Essentials

Support for the generalist tester including the ability to manage test cases and manual/automated test execution.  Installs as a scaled down product for easy access on test machines.

We expect that there will be plenty of cases where generalist testers will want to manage and execute test cases without installing the entire Visual Studio system on each machine. This then is the product for you.

The components included here are the Microsoft Test Runner, the Microsoft Test and Lab Manager application, Reporting, and Data Collectors (all of the components shown in blue in the above diagram). You also get a TFS Client Access License (CAL)

Visual Studio® Team Test 2010

Support for the specialist tester including Web and load testing capabilities in addition to the ability to create automated test suites.  Executes in the Visual Studio environment for test professionals and comes with Microsoft Test and Lab Manager.

In addition to all of the components from the “Test Essentials” product, this product will include Unit Testing, Coded UI Test, Web Test, and Load Test components (all of the components shown in green in the above diagram). This too of course comes with a TFS CAL.

Visual Studio® Lab Management 2010

Support for creating virtualized environments with snapshot capabilities.  You can now execute your tests using the lab capabilities and save the state later for both development and test usage. (The component shown in orange color).

Please note that the main client side application for the products – which I have been referring to with the code name of  “Camano” in this blog series, is now officially named as Microsoft Test and Lab Manager.

These components will all be part of the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 release that is just round the corner.

I am eager to talk to you about the few remaining components and capabilities I haven’t talked to you in great details yet. Next up is a post on our reporting capabilities. I will then follow up with a few posts on the Lab Management Product.

Stay tuned, and your feedback and comments are most welcome!