Amit is now wearing a (slightly) different hat…

If you were wondering that the Beta release of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools was announced yesterday and Amit’s blog has been quiet, it’s because I recently moved to another team.

I am now working with the Test and Lab Management Products, which enable QA Teams to efficiently work on test planning and execution, and a complete plan-test-track workflow for in-context collaboration between testers and developers, greatly increasing testers’ visibility to the overall project.

Microsoft Visual Studio Lab Management 2010 is an integrated development and testing platform that provides end-to-end support for virtual lab management. It helps reduce costs associated with setup, teardown, and restoration of complex virtual environments to a known state for build automation, build deployment and test execution

I am looking forward to this opportunity to not only work with developers but also with QA Teams in your enterprises and provide your team with the right set of ALM Tools for you to deliver high quality application !

Amit Chopra