I had to restart one day...

A little Over 3 years ago, on 30th Jan 2004, I mustered some courage to start experimenting with the Blogging Phenomenon that had started to take off. Within a day or two or writing my first blog post "I had to start one day", I noticed my name in one of the division wide status mails being highlighted as the first few bloggers from the Division. It was nice to see my name out there but I admit I was a bit embarrassed as well since my blog had hardly any content in it to justify the fame it brought to me. Being a blogger at time seems to be big thing in our group.

Over a period of time, while the whole world appeared to Blog, my blog just turned quite. While I was contributing off and on to my team blog there was hardly any activity on personal blog.

And then walks in Sara Ford. We had setup a meeting to chat about some interesting customer engagement activities we should be doing between now and release of Visual Studio 2008. And during this meeting, I think her passion around blogging woke up the sleeping blogger inside me. As I was planning a trip to come and meet my team in IDC, Hyderabad I promised I once I get to my Office in Hyderabad I will get my blog active again. So here it goes. Yes I had to restart one day.

More blogs to come once I get over the heat a little.