Return from TechMela

I just returned home (Home==Delhi) to say Hi to my Parents, after spending 3 enjoyable (==great food) at TechMela in Mumbai. I was impressed overall by the pace of the event and great food was served all along.

The 2 lowlights from my prespective were - very poor internet connectivity at the venue. I was without email for almost 2 full days ! Doesn't happen to me very often and that caused a huge pile of mail that I had to walk through early today morning. The other being how the Keynote just went too late had a huge cascading effect on all the talks down the line and pushing the last talks of the day to start almost a hour late, which means many folks who had to get home on time (traffic in Mumbai is not very pleasing) had to leave and miss the talks.

More when I back in HYD in office on Monday. Today just relaxing and enjoying some great home made food made by Mom in Delhi.