I Guess This Is Goodbye

The doctors predicted my expiration for August 2018 and much to my delight and surprise, they were wrong and I'm still around kicking and causing trouble. But sadly, due to my lack of updating this blog, MSDN has decided that it must expire next month. I started this blog as a new Microsoft Program Manager in 2007 to share information and code samples about HD DVD. Then I became the program manager for Silverlight Tools and used this blog to communicate with customers. When I transitioned back to a software engineer, I blogged a lot less, but used this blog as a way to share solutions to problems I couldn't find an answer for on the internet. I had fully intended to write a retrospective post in April 2017 about my 10 years at Microsoft, but fighting cancer took all my focus. Maybe I'll survive long enough to write a 15 years at Microsoft post. Hopefully I can find a new home for the good stuff in this blog. But for now, this is goodbye.