Visual Studio 2010 RC Now Available

You can now download the Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate at

Some things you should know...

Silverlight 4
Support for Silverlight 4 development requires a separate add on which is not immediately available for VS2010 RC.  If you're doing Silverlight 4 Beta development, stick with VS2010 Beta 2 for now.

VS2010 RC ships with MVC2 RC1.  But you may have heard that MVC just released an RC2.  If you want to use MVC RC2 with VS2010 RC, uninstall the MVC2 _RUNTIME_  (NOT the TOOLS) and install the MVC RC2.

Possible Setup Issues
Silverlight Runtime - If you get an install failure with the Silverlight runtime that "event log is full", the Silverlight developer runtime included with VS2010 failed to install because you have a newer version of the Silverlight end user runtime installed.  Yes, the error message doesn't explain that.  You can get the latest developer runtime (which includes the managed debugging component required to debug Silverlight projects) from

Tell us what you think so we can make any fixes before the release to manufacturers...