How SQL Server 2016 and Power BI empower Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)

Here’s a great case study about Mediterranean Shipping Company optimizing their business processes by taking advantage of the SQL Server 2016 Database Engine, Analysis Services, and Power BI. If you are particularly interested in Analysis Services, you might enjoy reading the section about complying with new Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) requirements, which implied that MSC must monitor in real-time about 130,000 to 140,000 containers per week moving around the world on every ocean carrier, every shipper, and every terminal—and Analysis Services Tabular provided the foundation! If you are interested in Power BI, read how MSC depends on the integration of Analysis Services with Power BI and note that the use of (quote) “Power BI is exploding at MSC.” And if you are interested in all the technologies working together to unlock tremendous performance gains and other benefits, just read the whole story top to bottom. Enjoy!