Released: Management Pack for SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 and 2012

This week, we released Management Packs for SQL Server 2008 and 2012 Analysis Services. The corresponding downloads are available at:

These Management Packs deliver proactive and reactive monitoring capabilities for SQL Server Analysis Services (2008 and 2012) via Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). SCOM is a cross-platform data center management system that provides health and performance monitoring for systems and services. The Management Packs for SQL Server 2008 and 2012 Analysis Services extend SCOM to include Analysis Services monitoring capabilities. In addition to health monitoring, these management packs include an extensive knowledge base to provide support for near real-time diagnosis and resolution of issues.

The management packs provide the following benefits:

  • Simplified experience for discovery of Analysis Services Instances (2008 [Multidimensional, PowerPivot], 2012 [Multidimensional, PowerPivot, Tabular])
  • Performance monitoring for Instances, Databases and Partitions
  • Space monitoring for Instances, Databases and Partitions
  • Extensive performance collection for memory, CPU and I/O utilization
  • Ability to define custom thresholds for each monitor to configure warning and critical alerts
  • Detailed knowledge to guide the IT operator in resolving problems

In order to provide these benefits, the management packs feature the following capabilities:

  • Rules and Monitors as listed in the following table.



Actual System Cache (GB)

Blocking Duration

Cleaner Current Price

Blocking Session Count

Database Blocking Duration (minutes)

Database Free Space

Database Free Space (%)

Default Storage Free  Space

Database Free Space (GB)

Memory Configuration  Conflict with SQL Server

Database Size (GB)

Memory Usage

Database Storage Folder Size (GB)

Memory Usage on the  Server

Default Storage Folder Size (GB)

Partition Storage Free  Space

Drive Used Space (GB)

Processing Pool I/O Job  Queue length

Instance Free Space (%)

Processing Pool Job  Queue length

Instance Free Space (GB)

Query Pool Queue length

Instance Memory (GB)

Service State

Low Memory Limit (GB)

TotalMemoryLimit  Configuration

Memory Usage by AS Non-shrinkable (GB)


Memory Usage on the Server (GB)


Partition Free Space (%)


Partition Free Space (GB)


Partition Size (GB)


Partition Used by Others (GB)


Processing Pool I/O Job Queue Length


Processing Pool Job Queue Length


Query Pool Job Queue Length


Number of Database Blocked Sessions


Total Drive Size (GB)


Total Memory Limit (GB)


Total Memory on the Server (GB)


SSAS 2008: Collect Used Space on Drive (GB)

  • Views and Dashboards as shown in the following screenshots.



We hope you find these management packs useful and valuable to bring your SQL Analysis Services monitoring infrastructure to a whole new level.