SharePoint 2010 Master

Recently I had the opportunity to take part in the the 9th rotation of the SharePoint 2010 Master course in Redmond. I had big expectations on the course itself, having heard a lot of good things about it. Among the good things every single master I have talked to pointed out the very demanding and challenging nature of the course.

Well, I can definitely say that it has been the most intense three weeks of my technical life. Not only was the content very well built and wide-spread, but the pace of the training was also very fast. Listening to the introductions on the first day I immediately noticed that my fellow master candidates are all very experienced and quite knowledgeable on SharePoint. People attending the course had a very good general knowledge but also contributed with unique areas of expertise that came in very handy later during team exercises.

Time management played a critical role throughout the duration of the master rotation. Starting from the first day, the candidates had to have a perfect knowledge on how much they can handle, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and how to process an awful lot of information while keeping a healthy balance between learning and relaxation. When you are surrounded with a technical topic for more than 10 days for 12+ hours a day, it is critical to find a way to maintain your concentration and keep some reserves for the qualification lab and knowledge exam.

Speaking of exams, both the qual lab and the knowledge exams were very demanding. And again, time management, time management, time management… Smile

Summing it all up, I think it was a well invested effort, I met my calculation and not only learned a lot on SharePoint 2010 and myself, but also met a lot of very bright, fun people!

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I am now certified as a SharePoint 2010 Master! Open-mouthed smile