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The IT Pro Evangelist team are all at a huge education event , BETT, this week.

BETT 2008 008

Viral, Steve, Eileen, James and me.

We are there to give help and advice to the IT Pro's working in education, so we'll be taking a little longer to answer your comments and e-mails. 

I have only had one question on SQL server, so that either means no one knows they have it or it's so easy to use that it causes no problems! The enquiries so far have been on Maths 3.0,  all of our web 2.0 stuff like popfly and quite a few on Microsoft Project.  Viral has been inundated with SharePoint enquiries as this is at the core of Microsoft's education platform such as the SharePoint Learning Kit that we have on the codeplex site and the Learning Gateway.

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