Event Handling for the IT Professional

My diary is solid for the next few weeks as there seem to be a lot of events on. This is good for me as the best bit of my job is swapping ideas and stories with like minded individuals, not to mention the odd lively debate.  I also get the impression that many of you enjoy this too and I often get asked why we don’t do more of this, and that would be partly down to costs not just ours but yours too as it’s a big ask for you to get away from your desks for a morning or a whole day.

Obviously Online events are less expensive to put on and to attend so you’ll notice a lot more of these, and my diary has these in:

  • Techdays Online a series of live meetings on three themes, public cloud, private cloud or IT as a service, and the optimised desktop.
  • Also within the Techdays Online series there is a special System Center afternoon best on Thursday 21st April which is a look at the vNow editions of all of the key products in the suite including Opalis and AVICode
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy, actually these aren’t exactly live meetings they are basic training to bridge the gap between little or no knowledge on a topic and starting to get certified in it.

The Offline events I know about are:

  • TechDays Live, Hammersmith 23-26th May each day covers a different topic :
  • Optimised desktop
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud and IT as a service
  • Mission critical applications for the enterprise (this is at Microsoft Victoria and is already full)
  • SharePoint Event with polymorph this Thursday
  • SharePoint Best Practices conference QE II Conference Centre Westminster
  • DevConnections London with tracks for the IT Professional and the Developer including ScottGU and Paul Randall Kimberly Tripp (note this is a paid for event)


It may not be obvious but these are all UK events, but of course anyone around the world is welcome to join the online meetings and we’ll do our best to use BBC English to help our intenrnational guests get the most from this.