Future Decoded – with Data Science

If you have been following my posts on Microsoft’s approach to data science with things like Machine Learning you’ll realise that it’s capable of making predictions. However to be honest it’s not going to tell you what devices and career you’ll have in five years time.  To do that you need expert humans not expert systems and we have gathered some of the best in their field at Future Decoded at the Excel Centre on 12th November..


Future Decoded is much more than a data science orientated event but there is a special data track within it in the afternoon which is preceded by a morning of inspirational talks in the morning, and of particular interest to any one in the data science space would be Dr Brian Cox, Sir Martin Shadbolt and Michael Taylor (IT director of Lotus F1)  as they have unique perspectives on how to apply and use data to advance science the internet and business.

The data track in the afternoon is not just for data scientists, it’s for anyone in a data rich e.g. traditional roles like BI and reporting, in fact anyone who can see what they do in this diagram..


This is a big area to cover so what we have done is collect a diverse group of experts with a different perspective on how to derive value from data, based on their experience of implementing some or all of these techniques:

image Data Science inside Microsoft ResearchKenji Takeda,  Microsoft Research 
JRJ Changing the game - an agnostic hybrid approach to big data integrationJames Rowland-Jones MVP
Chris headshot cropped Transformation and Analysis with Power BIChris Webb MVP
image Azure Machine Learning without a PhD. Jen Stirrup MVP

So hopefully you can spare the time and expense to come along to Future Decoded  and get your head around what this means for you and your career.