MCSE for SQL Server

I have to be honest I gave up getting certified before I joined Microsoft mainly because the exams didn’t keep up with the release of SQL Server specifically the Business intelligence exams. I then had the same problem as an evangelist I was working on the next release of the SQL or Windows Server.

However that’s changed there are already exams out for SQL Server 2012 and also MCSE is back not just for Server and Desktop but also for the wider private cloud and for SQL Server.  These exams are hard and you’ll need to take five of them to get the MCSE badge. Also there are tow MCSE qualifications relevant to SQL Server; data platform and  business intelligence which I also wish had existed back in the day.

Unlike some simpler certifications, Microsoft don’t insist you take a course and then get a simple test out at the end of it – how you get up to speed is up to you and we all learn differently so there is no right answer here.  This should see an end to the guy who has the certification but can’t really use the relevant technology in the real world.  Please come back to me on that only if you have taken one of these new exams yourself.

So if they are hard why bother? You wouldn’t let anyone service the brakes on your car, or fix the electrics in your home and so why shouldn’t we as profession be asked to be competent at what we do as well.

Some employers don’t like to pay for training as they might not see the value or be worried that you will leave as soon as you’re qualified, but training and exams are free in my role, and that’s a huge incentive to stay.  If you are a contractor retraining should get you better day rates and given that SQL Server 2012 is just you would have a definite edge. 

Indeed there are loads of DBAs out there who may still not even know what is in SQL Server 2012, so I have been asked by Global Knowledge to do a couple of overview webinars on what is new .  So if you have missed me at SQL BITS, SQL Relay then please register on 12th September from 13:00 – 14:00  for an hour’s overview of the database enhancements and/or  register for the session on  10th October 13:00-14:00 if your focus is business intelligence.