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SQL Bits 9, Adelphi Hotel Liverpool 29th September to 1 October 2011, what else do you need to know?

Well possibly a few things if you are now reading the second line of this post or you haven’t been to them before..

  1. It’s the biggest and best SQL event in Europe, I know this because we get people coming from around europe to it , not to mention the Microsoft engineers who come over from Seattle to attend and present.
  2. It’s actually several different types of event all tied together
    • a training day of deep dives which you have to pay for
    • a paid for conference with subject matter experts including MVPs and Microsoft technical experts form the engineering team and SQL CAT, sharing their best practices and experiences.
    • a free community day where anyone can post an abstract for a session and then attendees vote on which ones get accepted and are part of the day.  It’s split into 4 tracks DBA, Developer, BI and Denali so the other challenge you can face is which session to go to.
  3. It’s a massive networking opportunity,  you might want some technical help you might be in the market for a career move or you need a good DBA yourself. 
  4. There’s some interesting sponsors there including all the major tools vendors (Attunity , Idera, Quest, SQL Sentry) so you can contrast and compare in one visit.  Experts like Coeo also attend plus the game changing hardware specialists FusionIO with their solid state storage solutions, that almost make it pointless to worry about any other kind of performance tuning.
  5. We’ll be there, when I say we, I mean some hardcore technical experts form Microsoft from our customer and support teams, who also have share a passion for all things SQL Server, plus of course this evangelist, who still likes to keep his hand in.

I could mention the good food, prizes, games etc. but I have hopefully given you incentive enough to be there if you possibly can.