SQL Server 2008 RC0


I was going to post about how to search full text in SQL server 2008, but hold the phone SQL Server 2008 is now at RC0 on TechNet plus subscriptions here.  There are 2 reasons for me mentioning this:

  1. It’s not on connect yet so this is one reason for getting a TechNet direct subscription and as per my post here I can get you 30% off: just go to the TechNet subscription page or call 0800 281 221 and quote UKITPRO4.
  2. Full Text searching is not a good story in CTP6, because the service account (FDH$MSSQLSERVER) it uses is not setup properly during installation e.g. it’s not got logging as a service, and has password must change at next login and even then I couldn’t get it working before I got the word about RC0 (see this thread on Connect for more information on the issue).

You might think that as a Microsoft automaton (the neighbours call me Android) that I get this stuff weeks in advance, and indeed I could get interim builds but I don’t see the point in being to far ahead as I want to have the same experience (good or bad) as you do.

What to do while I wait for it to download….hmm

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