SQL Server 2008: where’s my stuff?

For those of us who have been tracking the evolution of SQL Server 2008 through it’s long gestation it can be a bit annoying when things get moved around.  In RC0 odds and ends seem to have disappeared and the more sceptical DBA might assume the features have been pulled prior to release, however what has usually happened is that they have been moved to somewhere more logical.

Here’s a few casualties of the redesign work in later CTPs and RC0, that have tripped me up:

Where did SQLCMD mode go in the management console?

it’s no longer on the toolbar, but it is there and you can get it back by customising the toolbar …


BTW it’s also the last option in the query menu option

What happened to all the best practices policies that were in the declarative management framework in earlier CTP’s ?

The new term is policy management , but if you expand this in tree in RC)0 those policies aren’t there..


You need to import them from here…

\program files(x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Policies\Database Engine\1033

Where has the Activity Monitor gone?

It has moved and you can either get to it form the main toolbar…


Or by right clicking on the server node.

Of course if you have only just started to evaluate SQL Server 2008 then, it’s a bit like going on holiday while the decorators have been in, it’s all vaguely familiar but there’s a lot of new stuff to get used to and some of your old favourites have been thrown out or given a makeover.

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