OneNote Namespace Change for SP1

Here’s a heads-up for developers that are using the SimpleImport interface available in the OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Preview. Be advised that the namespace for the Import method will be different in the final released SP1 from what it is in the Preview version.

The current namespace for the OneNote SP1 Preview is:

While the final namespace for OneNote SP1 will be:

From what I understand, it’s become standard procedure here in Office to use a ‘beta’ namespace for early versions of a product, and then switch to another namespace once the schema has been finalized. Just be advised that if you’re programming against the Preview namespace, you’ll need to update your code for the new namespace in order for it to be compatible with the final OneNote SP1, once it’s released.

I’ve already edited my blog entry detailing how to use the SimpleImport functionality, but I wanted to call this out in a separate entry for anyone who’s already using the documentation.