Imagine Cup 2012 Game Design Finalists – Xbox/Windows

Here we are again! Another year and another brilliant batch of games that have wowed the judges. This year we only have two tracks, recognition of the increased quality of games built in HTML5 and Windows 8 providing native support for HTML5 development, but we’ve also increased the number of finalists headed to Sydney, Australia (yeah! My home town!) to compete live on stage in front of some incredible judges.

But before I go into the judging panel that will be there to greet the teams in Sydney, I want to publicly congratulate the top ten teams in Xbox/Windows and in Phone (they’re in the next post). I also want to say that the competition in Online Round 3 was incredibly tough and there were so many great games. I want to encourage every team, whether they made it to Sydney or not, to strongly consider finishing their games and publishing them for the world to enjoy (and yes, that really is one of the primary reasons we set it up so that you had to submit a game trailer – you’re already on your way to being able to advertise your games!).

So, without further ado, here are the ten teams headed to Sydney to compete for the title in the Game Design Xbox/Windows category of Imagine Cup.

[edit] Just putting these links at the top so you can get to them easily:

Esperanza - BLUE FIELD


Real Time Strategy (RTS) game about rebuilding a city after a natural disaster (tsunami) hits.

Esperanza - Japan - BLUE FIELD 1Esperanza - Japan - BLUE FIELD 2


Esperanza – BLUE FIELD – Game Trailer

HammerBird - InBalance


Isometric strategy game about health and environment.

HammerBird - Ukraine - InBalance 1HammerBird - Ukraine - InBalance 2


HammerBird – InBalance – Game Trailer

Hotfix - Influence


Strategy/Puzzle game about influencing for change.

Hotfix - Belgium - Influence 3Hotfix - Belgium - Influence 2


Hotfix – Influence – Game Trailer

Nano - Nano


Action puzzler game about genetics and gene sequences.

Nano - France - Nano 1Nano - France - Nano 2


Nano – Nano – Game Trailer

Radiant - Robert’s Quest


Side-scrolling platformer about cleaning up the environment.

Radiant - Iceland - Roberts Quest 2Radiant - Iceland - Roberts Quest 1


Radiant – Robert’s Quest – Game Trailer

Red Phoenix Studios - Clean World


Third person action game featuring an animated machine aimed at cleaning up the environment.

Red Phoenix Studos - Portugal - Clean World 2Red Phoenix Studos - Portugal - Clean World 3


Red Phoenix Studios – Clean World – Game Trailer

TANG Thai - Verdant Fantasy


Multiplayer action game about the environment.

TANG Thai - Thailand - Verdant Fantasy 3TANG Thai - Thailand - Verdant Fantasy 2


Tang THAI – Verdant Fantasy – Game Trailer

Team Blossom - Bloom*Block


3D puzzle game about the environment.

Team Blossom - Japan - Bloom Block 3Team Blossom - Japan - Bloom Block 2


Team Blossom – Bloom*Block – Game Trailer

The Doers - Do More


Strategy game about city planning.

The Doers - Brazil - Do More 3The Doers - Brazil - Do More 1


The Doers – Do More – Game Trailer

xidianembed_6 - TaiJi


Kinect-based Tai Ji game for health and well-being.

xidianembed_6 - China - TaiJi 3xidianembed_6 - China - TaiJi 2


xidianembed_6 – TaiJi – Game Trailer

You can see all of these teams, and their competition in these YouTube playlist I’ve set up: