PDC 2008 Open for Registration

It’s been 3 years since the last Professional Developers Conference, so I’m pleased that we’re doing one this year – it’s about time. This year’s PDC is on Mon-Fri Oct 27-30, with a one-day pre-con on Sun Oct-26, at the Los Angeles Convention Center (same as last time).


The main site is here. There will be more than 160 sessions, and we’ve already announced the first 40 or so here. Here are a few teasers:

Office Business Applications: Enhanced Deployment

This session will explore how Visual Studio 10 supports development for OBAs. We will focus on the new enhancements to deployment and security, including ClickOnce multi-project and custom action support, configurable updates, background updating, and delay-loading add-ins.

Under the Hood: Advances in COM Interop

The Visual Studio, CLR, and Office teams have collaborated to create a much simplified story for interoperating between native COM-based hosts and managed code, including Office. In this session we'll explore in depth how you can eliminate the need to redistribute primary interop assemblies with your .NET solution and enable seamless integration between VBA and .NET code.

Developing Applications Using Data Services

In the near future, applications will be developed using a combination of custom application code and online building block services, including data-centric services. In this session we will discuss advancements in the Microsoft development platform and online service interfaces to enable seamless interaction with data services both on-premises (eg. ADO.Net Data Services Framework over on-premises SQL Server) and in the cloud (eg. SQL Server Data Services). You'll learn how you can leverage existing know-how related to LINQ (Language Integrated Query), data access APIs, data-binding, and more when building applications using online data.

What are you waiting for – go sign up!