XPS .95 now available

Version .95 of the XPS spec is now available.  Download it from the XPS download site.  Also, go to the main XPS blog to get all the details on what is new and what is changed with this version.  Specs were printed out in baby-blue this time.  Last version was dark blue - so I can only conclude that we are moving towards the 1.0 version being white as the covers get lighter.  Likely it is simply Jesse's random choice.  I'll take a picture at some point to share.

We are basically done.  We are there, it's all wrapped up.  Years of work and we are about to ship, and the spec is essentially locked down.  1.0 will just be formatting, index type of things.   When Vista ships - this will be quite the year to remember.  It would only be better if the US won the Ryder Cup.  I'm still trying to get over how bad that was.