Good places to eat with toddlers: #1, Pagliacci Pizza, Bridle Trails

Eating out with toddlers (and babies) is a challenge: you want some decent food, but you dont want to be surround by growling faces if your kid lets out a yell occasionally. Ideally you also want the place to keep your child engaged. We recently discovered a new perfect place: Pagliacci Pizza in Bridle Trails.

We've loved Pagliacci pizzas for years, and normally get them delivered. So much so in fact we've actually had free pizzas from them, as a Thank You for eating so many of the things. Anyway, we recently decided to drop in on the Bridle Trails location. Its not actually a restaurant, it is a large delivery location, with five or so tables you can sit and eat at, as well as a large waiting area for pickups. However the killer feature is the kids play area: child-sized tables & chairs, a big chalk wall, coloring books, chalk, all good stuff. You can deposit your child in the zone while you sit at a table and have an actual conversation with your spousal unit, while keeping an eye on your progeny. Its fabulous. They even serve beer, something surprising in alcohol-anally-retentive WA state.

The only downside to the place is the lack of a baby changing table in either restroom. However I emailed them about this, and they went and ordered some, so very soon this defect will be rectified!

Other Pagliacci locations may also offer this kids area feature, I dunno. Let me know if they do.