Need Two Camera Baby Monitor

I am pleased to announce that early next year there will be a new member of the Pennell family. This is of course a time of joy, not least of which because I get to buy some more gear. Specifically I need a baby monitor that supports two cameras. As far as I can tell, there are only two models: Mobicam, and Baby Quiet Sounds. The Mobicam has a tiny 1.5" color screen, and conflicts with a lot of folks' 802.11 network (according to feedback on Amazon), a deal breaker for me. The Quiet Sounds one has a decent b/w screen, but doesn't automatically switch to whichever room contains the noise-creating child. We have a single-camera Quiet Sound's device, which eventually died after two years of daily use, but was otherwise good.

Is there another choice? Here are my requirements:

  • Two cameras
  • Can see in the dark
  • Automatic switching based on sound
  • Reasonable sized screen included (i.e. not a PC or full-size monitor)
  • Wireless (and compatible with 802.11 networks and 2.4GHz phones)