A First Look:Visual Studio Team System 2010-Architecture Edition

VSTS 2010 Architecture Edition - What's New?

Prior to the 2010 version, the Architecture Edition was focused solely on helping a team model their SOA-based system and application architecture and then "proving" that it could be successfully deployed to one or more data centers. The tools, known as Whitehorse, leveraged technologies such as SDM, DSI, and software factories. In the 2010 version Microsoft has abandoned this approach to high-level modeling. Instead, they have built brand new tools to enable UML modeling, code  dependency visualization, sequence diagrams, reverse engineering, and layer validation. 

Whether you've already adopted Team System, or have been waiting for the critical "third version" to be released before you commit to trying it, you should attend this webinar, see it firsthand, and get your questions answered.  Join us for a drill-down into the new features and capabilities of Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architecture Edition:

  • Architecture explorer
  • Code dependency
  • UML diagrams
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Reverse engineering
  • Layer diagrams
  • Layer validation


Tuesday, July 28th.   2-3 p.m. EDT

Limited Space. Reserve Your Seat Now!


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