Best TFS Widget Archive EVER! Well, the best one I found *today* anyway :)

It can be a bit overwhelming keeping track of all of the various tools and widgets that have been developed for TFS.  Even more so if you want to be able to figure out which ones are the most popular or have the most community support.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to search like you do at Amazon and see ratings, links and other related info to help you make your decisions? 


Well our friends at Accentient have a handy dandy list with all that info for you.  Check out their site for great blogs, forums, books and training.  They are some of the leading experts on VSTS and TFS.  The awesome TFS Widget listing is here.  You can even sort it and filter it!  W00T!! 


Here are just a few things from the list:

TFS : Services  Policy Override Notification Tool  Community (Free)  2007.03.01 

TFS : Services  TFS Event Handler  CodePlex (Community)  2007.10.29 

TFS : Services  TFS Event Subscription Tool  Microsoft (Free)  2007.03.01 

TFS : Utility  AreaPath Manager Utility  Microsoft (Free)  2007.03.01 

TFS : Utility  Capacity planning spreadsheet and tools (Unsupported)  Microsoft (Free)  2007.03.01 

TFS : Utility  Open Source Team Foundation Client  Google Code (Community)  2007.12.27 

TFS : Utility  Team Foundation Server 2005 Power Tools v1.3 (Feb 2007)  Microsoft (Free)  2007.12.27 

TFS : Utility  Team Foundation Server 2005 Service Pack 1  Microsoft (Free)  2007.11.26 

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